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From Iceland Review
The Icelandic Met Office is not ready to pronounce the Meradalir eruption officially over, but the dwindling volcanic tremor finally came to a stop at the site on Saturday night. There is no longer visible lava flow from the main crater, and while there is still some activity in the main vent, it is likely already closed.
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From Iceland Review
As always in Iceland, taking the proper gear is key to having a good hike. Sturdy boots, rain- and windproof layers, water, and food are all must-haves when setting out to visit the eruption. Those setting out later in the day will also want to take a flashlight or head lamp.
From Iceland Review
Icelandic authorities have decided to ban children under 12 years of age from visiting the ongoing eruption in Meradalir, on the Reykjanes peninsula. RÚV reports that the decision was made at the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management meeting with other response teams today.
From Reykjavík Grapevine
The 'Fire & Iceland' documentary that was filmed in Iceland last year is now available on Amazon Prime in the United Kingdom and the United States. The World Theatrical Premiere will take place on March 19 at the Bíó Paradís theater in Reykjavik at 18:30.
From Reykjavík Grapevine
The Icelandic Lava Show has secured funding for another exhibition in addition to the one that is currently running in Vík. The new exhibition will open in Reykjavík before summer 2022.
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